Craig Coultman-Smith marketing thinker

Creator of relentless marketing & branding that sticks

This dynamic marketer, adman and award-winning copywriter has 30+ years of experience working in Marketing, Sales and Advertising with SMEs and large corporations.

As a Marketer and Strategist he has rebranded BP Gas UK and Novograf, launched MacGas, grown diverse SME brands including the Danish Praestegaard Shop System, Novograf, Ownership Associates, Gibsons, GTi, and worked with Westfield Australia. As an Adman he has created, sold and planned emarketing, telemarketing, television, radio, out of home, press and magazine campaigns and project-managed web sites.

An award-winning Creative Writer, Craig has written ‘just about everything’ from nationally syndicated radio shows through to television and radio commercials, brochures, leaflets, press ads, national cross-media campaigns, web sites, newsletters and social media. Ogilvy trained in the formative stage of his career, Craig’s specialties include: Thinking. Strategies. Branding. Creative. Copywriting. Prospecting and Sales.

Craig also keeps himself busy with The Coultman Consultancy.

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